GESTERRA Evaluation 2019

"I take this opportunity to thank for the good collaboration we had as a team, and in particular the excellent leadership of our team leader. It has been a pleasure working together.! Elias Ainadine, independent consultant, Mozambique. 16.01.2020. 

Citizen Engagement Program

"Na véspera do fecho do CEP, gostaria de agradecer as tuas contribuições para a implementação e refinamento do programa ao longo destes cinco anos. Para nós foi um prazer trabalhar contigo, ouvir as tuas ideias e críticas e enfrentar juntos desafios. Aprendi muito e espero que a experiência tenha sido boa também para ti."

Fernanda Farinha, Director, Citizen Engagement Program, 28.12.2017

CS mapping in Mozambique

Tive oportunidade de trabalhar com a Bente no "Mapeamento das Organizações da Sociedade Civil de Moçambique" durante alguns meses em 2015. Destaco a sua grande capacidade de liderança e de integração no trabalho em equipa e uma assinalável abertura para a diversidade. Atenta aos problemas dos outros é uma pessoa solidária e uma lutadora incansável por um mundo melhor.

Alice Pisco, international consultant, 06.02.2018

Sida Civil Society Unit

"I must say that despite quite an open and broad assignment, you’ve done an excellent job overall to capture key points. You’ve particularly done a good job with trying to make the recommendations meaningful and possible to follow-up, not merely repeating things already known..... it is so well-written, structured and dense with very valuable details...." Niklas Hansson, Program Manager Specialist, Civil Society Unit, Sida. 19.01.2018.

NIRAS Indevelop

"Really well done Bente! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you! I feel so calm when I'm working with professionals like you!" Based on team leadership on Mid-term review of CTC-COOP / iTC-F in Mozambique. 

Anna Liljelund Hedqvist / NIRAS Indevelop, Project Manager/Senior Consultant, 29.06.2017

MAP Consutoria Lda. Mozambique

I know Bente from many years ago. And professionally I had the opportunity to work with Bente in the "Evaluation of Support to Civil Society Engagement in Policy Dialogue in Mozambique". She was the team leader for the case study. I found since then a person with a very impressive responsibility, excellent analytical skills and a positive quality of relationship with colleagues. Her strong research experience and excellent mastery of methodologies and innovative approaches for research and consulting offered me an important opportunity to learn from her.

Padil Salimo, Executive Director and Senior Partner, 2012

CARE Denmark

Bente is a true expert on civil society in Mozambique and a very conscientiuos consultant for both evaluations and program design. I highly recommend her for similar work for others.

Rolf Hernø, Program Coordinator, CARE Denmark, 2012

COWI Evaluation Section

“As a senior member of the COWI Evaluation Section, Bente demonstrated excellent analytical skills as well as a solid and systematic approach to evaluation. She has a significant knowledge about participatory evaluation techniques and tools. She has strong team leader capacities and is a good team player and networker. Bente remains a trusted partner which I have been very happy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her.” February 8, 2011

Niels Eilschow Olesen, Market director, COWI A/S  


Danish Association for International Cooperation (MS)

“Bente offers an amazing combination of talents: being substantive (knows what she is talking about and constantly wants to learn more), displaying vast amounts of empathy (cares for the people she works with), determined (charts a direction and moves on until she arrives at the goal post). Add to that huge amounts of energy and a vivid sense of humor. And you get: a dedicated team player and an excellent colleague.” March 23, 2010

Lars Udsholt, Secretary General / CEO, Danish Association for International Cooperation (MS) 

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane


“A great lady to work with, with clear perspectives, efficiency and empathy!” December 24, 2010

bernhard weimer, Professor Associado, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane



Ibis Mozambique

“Bente is the hardest working person that I know! She has a strong dedication to whatever she does - but she never forgets also to be a nice person........A very rare combination indeed!” December 1, 2009

Per Oesterlund, Information Officer, Ibis Mozambique



“I had the pleasure to work as a Communication Advisor at IBIS Field Office in Maputo 1998 – 2000, where Ms Bente Topsoe-Jensen was Coordinator and Country Representative. 

I enjoyed a very inspiring and fruitful collaboration with Ms Bente Topsoe-Jensen, who is very dedicated, professional and truly engaged in development issues and civil society support. Ms. Topsoe-Jensen has a deep insight in Mozambique, its language and culture as well as the political developments in the country.” November 9, 2009

Ulla Hauer, Communication Advisor, IBIS